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The Sweetest Taboo, an award-winning book


The Sweetest Taboo, an award-winning book Editorial

Context Over the past two decades Frieke Janssens has built a solid reputation in staged photography. Her visual language is both surprising and playful and reveals a great sense of humor, and countless thoughtful details. Janssens' images are sumptuously beautiful, but touch upon subjects that aren't: death, smoking, drinking, and the battle between the sexes.

Concept During the briefing Frieke told us of the detailed method her style of photography requires. Styling, models, clothes, make-up, location, poses, … every detail is carefully thought out and accurately portrayed. Giving us insight in her process allowed us to see her images in another daylight and became part of the story we wanted to incorporate into the bookdesign.

Result The generous format of the publication enables details of Frieke's photography to be shown in full glory. Isolated photos on a white background in their original cutouts are alternated with large full page details. Each series starts with a reference that connects the idea of the series to its social context. At the end of the book, one series is selected as a case study giving more insight into the idea and process behind it.

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Our book design for The Sweetest Taboo was awarded with the Henry van de Velde Gold Award (2019).

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HVDV Awards 2019 Photo by Fille Roelants 293