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Facet, architecture designed for feeling at home

Identity, Digital

Facet, architecture designed for feeling at home Identity, Digital

Context Facet is an architectural and interior design practice dedicated to creating spaces that evoke a profound sense of home in every detail.

For founders Jessica and Eline, every project begins with a deep dive into their clients' lives. What is their ideal living scenario? How do they host friends and family? Where and how do they spend their time? These insights are the starting point; a puzzle to solve where volumes and blocks come together seamlessly. The project stories on the website offer an intimate glimpse into how inhabitants experience these thoughtfully designed spaces.

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Concept & Design The brand toolbox was kept essential, avoiding clutter and decorative graphics, while still maintaining a warm, home-like feel.

Combining a classic-contemporary look with refined details, the logo reflects Facet's own timeless aesthetic.

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To convey the studio's vision, a manifesto was created highlighting the main principles that drive their approach to each project.

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The website features a custom online tool where clients can create personalised moodboards inspired by project details and materials.

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