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Carpets & Rugs, every home needs a soft spot


Carpets & Rugs, every home needs a soft spot Editorial

Context For the past few years, there has been a revival of the rug. Due to the pandemic forcing us indoors, people focused on making their home cosy than going on holiday. Based on this rising trend, publisher Lannoo asked us to help them make an inspirational book celebrating different styles within the world of carpets.

Concept The secret of carpets lies in their versatility. They tell a story of materials, craftsmanship, creativity, colours and patterns. This versatile world became our playground to design this book. Inspirational pictures were placed on an overlay of varying patterns and soft touches.

Result Big pictures, soft colours and decorative elements pay tribute to the beauty of carpet design with practical how-tos and tips for choosing the perfect carpet for your own interior.

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