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Gravelart, enhancing the beauty of pure stone


Gravelart, enhancing the beauty of pure stone Editorial

Context Belgian blue, Yellow Sun, Beach Pebble Tiger, ... These are just a handful of names of pebbles from the Gravelart collection. How to make a catalogue about small grey pebbles interesting and also informative? That was the question we had to solve.

Concept Planning your garden has a technical side to it: choosing the right size, color and texture of gravel for your landscape style is important. But you also want to be inspired. For the catalogue design we wanted bring together both worlds: combining the expert knowledge of Gravelart with the looks of an inspirational lifestyle magazine. Because as the name suggests, there's art to be found in stones.

Realisation Gardeners often have their hands in soil. A protective sleeve around the cover ensures that the catalogue remains presentable for the next customer meeting.

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